Penile Implant

Penile prosthesis is the placement of a rod inside the penis where blood flow is inadequate for an erection. Since this is a mechanical device this is effective always. Broadly there are 3 types of a penile implant.

The first is the most basic and of course the cheapest. The penis will always be erect and you will have to conceal the penis under your briefs. Nevertheless, this is equally effective and can certainly be very cost effective. This implant can last for more than 15 years.

The last variety is the most expensive one, for a reason. It is called the 3-piece inflatable prosthesis. Here water is pumped into the implant cylinder from a reservoir when you need using a button and the penis becomes big. Once the act is over you can press a button and the penis shrinks to its usual size. The advantages are it is natural and the penis will be of normal size when implant is not used.

A midvariety with medium cost is a 2-piece inflatable prosthesis. Here there is some residual erection as there is no reservoir. The last two types usually have a lifetime of around 10 years and may need change of device.

The penile prosthesis operation is usually very successful (>97% satisfaction rate). You should resume intercourse only based on your doctor’s advice, which is usually 6 weeks or more.

There are some problems with an implant operation. Infection is the most dreaded complication. Infection usually responds to antibiotics. In some patients, especially diabetics, even with good control, rarely there may be exposure of implant or need to remove an implant. This is an unfortunate situation and you will need placement of another implant later. Very rarely there may be damage to the urinary passage. In this case we cannot proceed with the operation and a catheter will be placed and operation will be postponed.

Some facts about penile implant should be clear. Urination and ejaculation are usually not affected. Though the implant is a mechanical device, foreplay is important to gain good rigidity of the tip of the penis (glans) and pleasure. This operation cannot increase the length of the penis.