Low sperm count – how low is low

Oligospermia is defined as sperm counts less than 15 million per ml.

Based on AUA guidelines, severe oligospermia is defined as sperm counts less than 5 million per ml.

What are the causes for low sperm count?

1. Varicocele
2. Hypogonadism
3. Genetic
4. Testicular failure

5. Retrograde ejaculation
6. Male accessory gland infection (MAGI)
7. Idiopathic
8. Partial obstruction of ejaculatory ducts

Treatment for oligospermia – Non-medical therapy

Maintain an appropriate weight. Maintain a BMI of around 19-25. You can use online calculators to find out your BMI.
Eat healthy diet; Reduce carbohydrates. Add more proteins in your diet and keep calorie count as a guide.
Reduce stress
Do some exercise every day
Sleep well.


Careful decision is required for drug treatment in oligospermia

Clomifene citrate


Microsurgical varicocele repair

Transurethral resection of ejaculatory duct obstruction (in case of obstruction)